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Certificate for Nurdeniz Tuncer


The president of the Turkish guide dog association Nurdeniz Tunçer…
We have puppies

We have the puppies!

We delivered the puppies from Mrs. Pelin Çelik in the presence…
Meeting the puppies

Meeting the Puppies

Our benefactor Mrs. Pelin Çelik arranged a meeting party to…
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The president of Turkish Guide Dog Association, Nurdeniz Tunçer,…
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Talking Turkey

EGDF is delighted to welcome as a new member Rehber Köpekler Derneği, the Guide Dog Association in Turkey. With a population of over 76 million people and no guide dogs, Turkey has badly needed this service.
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Guide Dog means liberty

British Ambassador Richard Moore's wife, Maggie Moore is visually impaired. But she is not having much difficulty in her everyday life thanks to her guide dog, Star.


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