Never give up!
The first objective is independence.

All happened when we recognized that I was not able to insert the musical notes into the steps of my music notebook during my music class at the age of ten. Major transformations would occur in my life soon. You look, see, yet the image is like the one displayed by an old TV with a broken down antenna…

However, this has never discouraged me, a fan of this education. Inspired by my grandfather who was a judge, I decided to be a lawyer at the age of 8 and never gave up on my dreams despite all the trouble I experienced. This stance I have maintained against the lift was predominantly underpinned at my family who provided full their support in any circumstance.

Inspired by my grandfather who was a judge, I decided to be a lawyer at the age of 8

Each trouble you experience is a gateway to the wealth and new hopes. Progressive worsening of my vision loss over the last 4 years has led to a set of nice onsets besides some pieces of challenges.

The first time I got to know the Guide Dogs was during my study in the United States. I came to an understanding that life conditions of the visually impaired living there and in Europe were much better than those of the citizens in our country. Then I met Mrs. Maggie Moore, the wife of UK Ambassador, Mr. Richard Moore. She became a real role model for me. Though acting comfortably in the protocol thanks to her guide dog, Star, Mrs. Maggie Moore was experiencing tons of difficulties in her daily life.

Nurdeniz Tunçer ve Maggie hanım

Right at that moment, we figured out how a great deal of progress Turkey, as a EU candidate country, should cover to that regard, and kicked off various actions. Our approach would be to support self-sufficient individuals capable of achieving their goals, challenging any difficulty, producing and thinking beyond the typical policy of taking pity and playing for sympathy. This is committed to encouraging the visually impaired individuals in favour of

Creating a recognition without pleading.

Our efforts are aimed at showing disabled the method of catching a fish instead of handing an already caught one in a self-confident and autonomous fashion. Our target is to bring a global vision in the visually impaired in Turkey. Sociality of the disabled is crucial for us, and at the core of our efforts is the commitment of rendering them self-sufficient individuals standing on their own legs by helping them to get stripped of the “helpless” designation. A missing organ means that your other organs are extra strong. We call this “transforming the crisis into opportunity”.