About Guide Dogs

Two guide dog candidates
Two guide dogs, playing on the grass.

How to train a guide dog?
There are many phases to train a guide dog.
First step of training is choosing 6-8 weeks old suitable dogs and giving them to volunteer families.
For second step, puppies stay with volunteer families for one or one and a half year. With this process puppies get ready for the next step. When volunteer families and guide dog schools were communicating all the time, needs of the guide dogs are provided by the schools. As the initial step, the guide dogs were taken from the families and were given to professional trainers. The ones were succeed their training are ready for meeting partially-sighted people. At the end of all these steps, to adapt physically and psychologically there is a 3-4 weeks training at guide dog training centers for partially-sighted people and guide dogs.

1916 – First Guide Dog School

First guide dog school opened in Germany in 1916 for many soldiers who lost their ability to see after WWI.

In Germany these schools had spread quickly and these guide dogs reached to people who lives in other european countries, not just Germany.

1929 – First School in the USA

First guide dog school, The Seeing Eye opened in USA in 1929.

Nowadays, guide dog schools are located in many countries and they raise thousands of guide dogs for giving them partially-sighted people.