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President Nurdeniz Tunçer's photograph

The main aim of this association is to help the blind or visually impaired enhance their quality of life through easy mobility in their environment. We plan to achieve this by providing mobility training to the blind or visually impaired, and for those who are suitable, with Guide dogs.

Sadly, the laws and infrastructure to support this are non- existent in Turkey. So our initial job would be to introduce the laws and create a more inclusive society for all to co exist without any issues.

Purpose of Foundation

Our association aims to help visually impaired people to gain their self confidence amongst the community and therefore move freely.

Banking Account Information of our Association

Türkiye İş Bank

Rıhtım Branch

Account Number: 1025-4272756

IBAN: TR78 0006 4000 0011 0254 2727 56

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