Your eyes and your buddy / Guide dogs

Familiar name from England, British Ambassador in ankara Richard Moore’s visually impaired wife Maggie Moore uses guide dogs. Her dog’s name is Star, the name is given by Mrs. Moore’s turkish teacher.

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Star, english setire, lost her sight at the age of ten because of an unfortunate genetic problem.She is different than other dogs, she is a guide dog. She is like an eye for Maggie. She is with her all the time, at home, streets, protocol line ups, guiding her.

Mrs. Moore says: “If I want to go outside, I don’t want to tell all the time to people, ı want to be independent, she protects me and I feel safe. And people are very interested with her.” She noticed that there are not enough guide dogs in turkey and she started a organization with Nurdeniz Tuncer called ” Guide dogs Association”.

She says that if you are visually impaired and interested in getting a guide dog please contact with their association, they really want to help you. Nurdeniz Tuncer says: ” as longs as the association covers the costs, we will continue. The dogs’ food, vet services and routine cares will be supported by us.” Their aim is to get the first turkish guide dog ready within the year.

Alan Brooks is a well known trainer who trains the dogs says that, a lot of people in England use these dogs and Turkey is way more behind but it will improve. In july, two people will come to england with guide dogs and learn how to train the dogs. The most important problems in Turkey are, lack of awareness and accessibility. Malls and buses should be able to welcome guide dogs. The association is waiting for donation and families to raise guide dogs.